Jamie R Dent

The family's cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta taught Jamie Dent the value of hard work at an early age. The family also knew the value in having a good CPA to guide the financial decisions of the farm. What began as a business relationship with their CPA, turned into a mentorship. And a seed was planted. That seed grew into a desire that would eventually lead Jamie to getting his MBA and then his CPA in 2007.  

Ocean Springs is now home for the Dent family. And it's here that Jamie puts those values to work every day. He works hard to establish life-long relationships with his staff and clients. The result is a family of happy clients that come back to Jamie year-after-year for his advice and services. And a loyal staff that is happy to continue to grow the community of clients that they've developed throughout the years.  

Just like technological advances in agriculture, accounting too, has seen a quantum leap since the days that Jamie and the farm's CPA would crunch numbers in a more traditional way. Now, with the advent of GPS and driverless tractors, farming is more efficient than ever. And accounting is no different. Cloud accounting with XERO is Jamie's preferred method of making his job and yours, as it relates to finances, as efficient as possible. The seeds that were planted years ago continue to grow.  Now let your business grow.  

Jamie King

Jamie has been with the firm since (2011) and boy-howdy are we glad to have her! This Cowgirl Extrodinaire created a small business bookkeeping and payroll service this year named Fit Books LLC!  Jamie has a  passion for helping others and is downright giddy about creating easy buttons to help businesses keep fit and succeed. She enjoys helping clients through the exercise of thinking and rethinking their “master plan” to find strategies and policies for success. Jamie is a whiz at financial puzzles and loves helping clients with theirs.  Jamie is a perfectionist (in the best kind of way) who will not give up until everyone is satisfied.   She handles all of our Quickbook clients and has been a member of the Quickbooks team since 2000.  She is our Quickbooks expert and can be yours too.  

When not counting beans on the 10-key, Jamie spends any spare time cooking for her family, volunteering in our community or getting on the back of a horse and exploring. She is slightly obsessed with raising chickens and providing “homemade eggs” for her family and friends.  She can also sing like a bird.  Stop in and say “Howdy."

Katie Foutz, Office Manager

Katie came to Jamie Dent, CPA in early 2016. Her vibrance, enthusiasm and kindness are infectious. Katie is the first person you see when you enter and the first person you speak to when you call. She manages our office with the efficiency required to keep Jamie Dent and Jamie King available to do the work they do best - numbers.

Katie’s positive outlook makes her the perfect gate keeper and time manager to keep our small but busy office run with efficiency. Katie is always available to field questions, make appointments and talk about billing. Take time to enjoy her when you visit or call as she may just be the brightest spot in your day.